Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How Sick Can Prochoice Get?This Sick:Video:"Happy 40th Anniversary Baby"

Update: RT @jillstanek:Thank @MehcadBrooks agent.MT @StevenErtelt BREAKING:Grp Drops Sick Ad Celebrating Abortion:“Happy 40th Anniv Baby" [The video has since been removed]

I saw this ad earlier on The Five and was disgusted by it...not only is this sick, but it's creepy. Why would anyone 'celebrate' 40 years of legally killing innocent human beings before they are even given a chance to live out their unalienable life, enjoy the same liberties we have and pursue happiness??? This is the kind of mindlessness the pro-choice advocates like the 'Center for Reproductive Rights', Planned Parenthood and President Obama support. It is really shameful to think in the greatest country in the world, we are not leading the war against this and ending legalized abortions, but defending the human rights and unalienable rights of every human being regardless of size, location, ability and age, but protecting them by law from womb to tomb. There is no logical reason to abort a human being, especially when 98% of abortions are performed for the woman's convenience! It's time to end this atrocity, sadly I doubt it will happen under this pro-abortion President and administration, but we must educate the young and stop them and future generations from becoming victims of abortion themselves! More: Sick Ad Celebrates Abortion: "Happy 40th Anniversary Baby

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