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I Wonder If Facebook Allows Pro-life Advertising Since They Allow Pro-Abortion Ads&Pictures? ad is second from top Source: The Telegraph
 LONDON, UK, Jan. 11, 2013 ( - Facebook is defending itself after allowing an advertiser to target young British women with ads for abortion providers, reports The Telegraph.
Reporter Willard Foxton writes that women were “startled” to awake New Year’s Day to ads for, a U.S.-based international directory of abortion facilities.
“Find an abortion provider near you,” the ad stated, listing a U.S. toll-
free phone number.
The website is focused on the U.S., but also lists abortion facilities
however, called “Abortion Support Network.”in the U.K., Canada, and New Zealand. It lists only one
facility in the U.K.
When Foxton questioned Facebook, they said ads for abortion providers are
allowed under their policies.
“Advertising of Post-Conception Advice Services (PCAS) is permitted under Facebook’s rules, just as it is in print and broadcast media in the UK,” said a spokesperson. “Unlike other media, if people don’t like an advert they see on Facebook they are able to dismiss it by clicking ‘X’ on the corner of the ad.” did not hear back from Facebook by press time.
The social media giant has come under fire from pro-life activists in recent years for a perceived pro-abortion bias.
The site has consistently censored graphic images of abortion – even suspending pro-lifers’ accounts. The most recent victim was former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson.
Yet in February 2012 they allowed a post by Women on Waves founder Rebecca Gomperts that gave instructions on how to obtain a do-it-yourself chemical abortion. The process involved lying to a pharmacist to get the needed drugs.

Not surprising considering they also allow advertising promoting Islam as a peaceful and kid friendly religion, along with groups that promote terrorism and hate crimes against Jews. 

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