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Nearly Two Months After Sandy Hook-Reports:State Atty Admits:Possibility of Multiple Shooters?

I haven't written much on the Sandy Hook tragedy since the funerals of each of the victims and the burial of Adam Lanza and his mother in December. I have written about the overreaction to Sandy Hook by the media, some parents and  politicians who want to enforce stricter gun control laws as a result. However, I came across some new information today at The Intel Hub, which reveals local news reports on the police investigation. 

I thought this was rather surprising to hear, especially since I had dismissed any thoughts of a conspiracy behind the shootings, but I never dismissed the thought that others may have witnessed the shootings or were involved, especially because police were seen in local news video by WABC chasing a suspect or witness into the woods near the school:

In addition, I recall news reports reporting on the day of the shooting that police were searching for a suspect or suspects in a maroon/purple van [as revealed in the police audio/video below]. 

This Newtown police scanner audio/video was originally broadcast on December 14, 2012 and then posted on December 23, 2012 to Intel Web, and re-posted Jan 9, 2013 after the original was scrubbed from YouTube. 

Here is the information from Intel Hub:

At 1:34:19 into the video, “Two occupants with possible ski masks”.At 1:35:07 into the video, “One may be wearing a nun outfit, headed toward Danbury and Stoney Hill, purple van”.
On December 23, 2012 Intel Hub reported the following oddity:
On the very day of the shooting, the Chicago Tribune posted the following headline reading simply, “Elementary School Shooting”.What kind of headline is this? What could this article be about? It sounds more like an optimized search engine term rather than an article headline on a popular mainstream newspapers website. But even more creepy was what the body of the article read and the photo it contained.

Two unidentified nuns leave the scene of the aftermath at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. At least 27 people, including 18 children, were killed.( Don Emmert, Getty Images / December 14, 2012 )
It literally reads “Two unidentified nuns leave the scene…”. However what stands out to me the most is the fact that the nuns look very official. In fact they look so official they even have blatant identification badges.
New evidence has surfaced showing that video “memorials” of the Sandy Hook school shooting victims were posted on several CIA ghost accounts over 30 days in advance.
In one case a video was uploaded to private and then the day of the shootings it was released publicly. However, there was just one flaw, the time date stamp was recorded by Vimeo’s system, a Tweet was recorded by Twitter, and a post was found on Facebook all pointing to prior posting of memorials of the Sandy Hook victims.
More Posts Before Shooting Located
The following fundraiser on was posted on December 10, 2012, four days prior to the shooting;[click link to below to see enlarged image]
 Read more....

It is a bit odd that these memorial videos and charity pages were posted before the Sandy Hook shooting took place, but there could be a reasonable explanation for this such as a technical glitch in the time-stamp, but by multiple sources/sites?? I would like an explanation for these irregularities, but I would also like to hear from the witnesses or suspects the police pursued into the woods near the school and in the maroon/purple van. Who were they, what did they know or see, if anything??

Since December, Intel Hub reports the following as of  2/6/2013: 

Lt. Paul Vance
In a shocking twist of events lending credence to’s investigation, it has now been admitted by officials that there is a potential that multiple shooters carried out the bloody massacre that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School the morning of December 14, 2012.
New information has now been brought forth by Connecticut State Attorney Stephen Sedensky, suggesting that records pertaining to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have been sealed to possibly hide the identity of witnesses from multiple shooter suspects and that they should not be unsealed anytime soon.
Officials fear the safety of witnesses.
An article in the Digital Journal reports:
Vance nor the CT Attorney General’s office have ever ruled out the possible presence of other suspects. The New Haven Register reports Vance as having said: “Whenever you conduct an investigation you don’t speculate as to where it’s going to take you, as I said, we’re going to look at every single thing, every piece of material and we’ll take it from there.” 
The motion to extend the seal on the records for 90 days was granted by Superior Court Judge John Blawie, who wrote in his decision that: 
“The court finds that due to the nature and circumstances of this case and the ongoing investigation, the state’s interest in continuing nondisclosure substantially outweighs any right to public disclosure at this time”
The warrants were for searches, on different dates, of the Lanza home, and of Adam Lanza’s mother’s two cars. One of the cars, a 2010 black Honda Civic, was the vehicle which Lanza allegedly drove to the crime scene. The other, a 2009 silver BMW, was parked in the garage attached to the Lanza home. The court motion seals the affidavits stating what was found upon execution of the warrants for another 90 days, until late March.
The judges decision is also based on the belief that:
Connecticut State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky has argued that unsealing warrants in the Sandy Hook case might "seriously jeopardize" the investigation by disclosing information known only to other "potential suspects."
Sedensky said that unsealing the warrants would also:
The statement by the CT prosecutor's office is the first indication from state authorities that Adam Lanza may have not acted alone.
"identify persons cooperating with the investigation, thus possibly jeopardizing their personal safety and well-being."

I'm still not sure what to think, but I don't believe it was a government plot or conspiracy like some believe 9/11 and the Oklahoma bombing were. I don't think our government, or this particular administration is capable of pulling something like that off, especially when they couldn't get Fast&Furious or Benghazi right. 

I do believe this horrific event happened, and 20 innocent children and six teachers were killed that day.  But, I do want more details on the whereabouts of those potential witnesses who were thought to be suspects; or were they witnesses? The families deserve to know the details as well.

Why haven't these people been interviewed by anyone in the media? What do they know, or did they see anything?? 

Original reports also thought Adam Lanza's brother was involved at first, but then that was dis-proven once they realized Adam was carrying his brother's ID. However, what's odd is where and when did he obtain his brother's ID, especially if they hadn't seen one another since around 2008 when the parents divorced. It seems the media and police are not giving a clear explanation of what happened that day and it's already been nearly two months since the massacre. 

Now the affidavits have been sealed another 90 days through late March. Will we ever get the truth or will the media and others just forget about it as the next mass shooting, big story or manhunt comes along?

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