Monday, April 22, 2013

A Survivors Story:'I didn't think I'd make it': Local dancer maimed in Boston blast

Survivor stories are starting to trickle in after last weeks horrific Boston Marathon terror attack. Here is the story of one young survivor, Adrianne, who is determined to keep dancing in spite of losing her foot in the bombing which killed three Americans, including eight year old Martin Richards and injured over 170 more, many who are still recovering in the hospital and many with amputations. Lives have been changed and forever shattered, but human courage and strength will overcome the loss.

'KOMO News:

"In an exclusive interview with KOMO News, Issaquah native Adrianne Haslet talked about the horrific experience of having her foot blown off in the blast and her legs embedded with shrapnel.

Thanks to the actions of her quick-thinking husband, Good Samaritans and first responders, she survived despite massive blood loss - and is just grateful to tell her story of survival.

Adrianne says she and her husband Adam Davis saw the first bomb go off from the sidelines.

"We heard the first bomb go off, and we saw the smoke," she says from her hospital bed.

Moments later, they felt the second blast.

"And I remember the impact of the air and the bomb hitting my chest and pulling me back," she says."

Hear more of her story below:

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