Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Video:Parents Beware! Baby Monitor Hacked By Man Yelling Profanity

Hacked Baby MonitorScary and creepy to think a stranger had been monitoring their baby and decided to start making vile comments at her in the middle of the night, which then woke the parents who ran to her room where they heard a mans voice yelling at their baby. It doesn't say if the man was found, but it makes you wonder if he's done it before and if he's doing it to other families. It also makes you concerned that thieves and other perverts could be using these monitors to track your family and children's whereabouts as they plan to rob your home or assault your child or a family member.

"A baby monitor was hacked by a man yelling profanity. Marc and Lauren Gilbert were horrified when they heard a man’s voice coming from their daughter’s room — in the middle of the night. The voice was saying her name.
The Houston, Texas, couple ran into 2-year-old Allyson’s room to find her sound asleep. They finally realized that the voice was coming out of the baby monitor.
As reported by ABC News, the man kept talking, making vile comments like, “wake up you little slut.” He eventually addressed the parents, calling them names as well.
Marc and Lauren noticed that the camera following them as they moved around the room. The voice continued, calling Mark a moron and Lauren a b****. The Gilberts realized the baby monitor had been hacked. A stranger was in control of the camera and the speakers. Marc immediately unplugged the monitor. Unfortunately, the Gilberts have no idea how long the man was controlling the equipment. Their daughter Allyson is deaf, so she would not have heard the man’s voice. The incident was reported to police. However, the Gilberts will not be using a baby monitor in the future. For them, it is not worth the risk. As reported by Fox News, Marc and Lauren are still frightened. However, they want other parents to hear their story. The Gilberts had no idea that a stranger could hack into the monitor. They are concerned that other children are being watched without their parents’ knowledge. Digital baby monitors are more difficult to hack than older analog versions. Monitors that use a Wi-Fi connection are recommended."
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