Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Woman Says Husband Beaten To Death By OK Cops In Movie Parking Lot

Call for justice: Nair Rodriguez (left) says Moore police officer viciously beat her husband, Luis, to death in a movie theater parking lotWhat is going on with cops these days? If this is true, this is outrageous and another act of police abuse of power. After the Kelly Thomas incident, which involved the brutal beating of a homeless man in CA, and other recent reports of police abuse leading to the death of those they confront I find this another disturbing report to a disturbing trend.

Police used to be people that communities could trust and look up to but now I'm not so sure anymore... Video Report

'They just viciously took his life': Woman calls for justice after 'police beat her husband to death in front of their daughter' in a movie theater row 

  • Nair Rodriguez said her husband of 22 years, Luis, was trying to calm her down after she slapped her daughter when he was stopped by police
  • Incident took place February 15 outside Warren Theater in Moore, Oklahoma   
  • Mrs Rodriguez and her daughter claim three cops and two security guards kicked and punched the man until he lay motionlessness and bloodied 
  • Wife recorded beating on her cell phone by police seized it as evidence 
  • Three Moore cops have been placed on administrative leave pending internal probeMrs Rodriguez slapped her daughterLuinahi Rodriguez

Violent row: Mrs Rodriguez (left) slapped her daughter, Luinahi (right), and stormed off. Her husband went after her trying to get her to calm down, at which point he was confronted by police   

According to Lewis, when three police officers and two security guards attempted to question Mr Rodriguez, he was uncooperative.

He was handcuffed and placed on the ground. That’s when his family say police beat him to death.
The entire incident was captured by Mrs Rodriguez on her cellphone, which she says officers then seized from her as evidence without producing a warrant.

Lewis says police are reviewing the recording. The three officers involved in the deadly confrontation have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the internal investigation.


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