Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ouch!! ‘Troubling’ New Trend Called ‘Eraser Challenge’ Has Kids ‘Mutiliating Themselves’

Image source: Oliver Darcy/TheBlaze

Strange...what are kids thinking...or not thinking these days. I can't see how anyone would want to do this but if it gives them the attention they seek/need I guess that is one reason. I hope they learn this is unhealthy behavior and damaging their skin. Hopefully now that parents and the school are aware of this new 'trend' they will put an end to it.

“Students have explained the Eraser Challenge this way: kids take an eraser and begin ‘erasing’ their skin while saying the alphabet and coming up with a word for each letter,” Muharem wrote. “Once they get to the letter Z, they stop and then compare the injury to their friends.”

“Most students use their arms to do this, from their elbow to their wrist — however, it can be anywhere on their body,” he added.
According to Muharem, at least a dozen students at his school have taken part in the activity.
“What I found out was kids were sharing erasers, so as they broke the skin they were passing the eraser off to somebody else, body fluids being shared, and that’s a concern of mine,” he told WTIC-TV.
Parents of students at the school expressed concern and were urged by Muharem in his letter to speak with their children about the dangers.
“I don’t understand why kids are mutilating themselves or doing things to hurt themselves,” parent John Luhrs told WTIC-TV.
“I just thought it was strange. Very strange things these children are doing,” added another parent, Lara Fusara.
A YouTube search using the term “eraser challenge” indicates that the activity has been around for some time, suggesting Bethel Middle School is dealing with a new outbreak. Young individuals can be seen in multiple online videos engaging in the challenge while recording themselves. Others show painful scars and warn others not to get swallowed into the hype.

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